29 Oct 2010

Weekly update (week 43)

Friday again and another update.

Both me and Johan are playtesting. I'm playtesting a skirmish WW2 game. I got plenty of feedback from my fellow playtester Love which is very much appreciated. I started out using D6 in the game but with so many modifications on the rolls made the D6 too limited. So I'm working on rewriting the game to use D10 instead. After the game we made a rather long checklist of things to look at and that didnt work good enough, but as proof of concept it was a success. The game would have been ready for a second playtest by now if it was not for me being sick this last week. The next step would be to give the game a work-name. Any suggestions?

And Johan is recruiting fellow gamers at the club we've been going to for several years. They're a good sport and usually tries our wacky ideas. It will be interesting to see how they react to Johan's Planetside that have recieved a major rework since the last playtest. Especially in the points balance and calculations. It will be fun to see how it works out.

Have a nice day

23 Oct 2010

Weekly update (week 42)

Well, this have been a slow week for me. So slow in fact that the only work I have done is the framework for the background to Paraverse, the world that both Starships and Planetside is played out in. I am going to do a new play test for Planetside with some people from the local gaming club.

Martin on the other hand have worked on a project with one of his friends, a skirmish game based on Battlefronts game Flames of War. They already had the first play test and got great response from other players. Some modifications had to be done on the game and already it´s only resemblance to the original is the miniatures used. Visit http://www.flamesofwar.com/ to know more about Flames of War.

Untill next time

15 Oct 2010

Weekly update (week 41)

Hi again, time for another update.

For me, this last week have been rather calm. Most of my free time have been focused on painting miniatures. But I've been thinking a bit about my old idea for a skirmish game. Mostly trying to decide between a fantasy or sci-fi setting. In the end, I think I have some ideas of how to make it work in both with the same set of rules, just different equipment. Also, I'm thinking of starting to write a document for my Assault game. I have some basic ideas of how it might work, and then it is off to another playtest.

Johan have revisited Battleships. Lets face it, in its current state it is not really the most playable game and is very limited in potential players who might enjoy the way it plays. So we had a discussion this week to figure out how to make it more playable. The best idea was to take one step backwards and to the side, returning to an older idea for the game, but with some modifications. Only time and a playtest will tell if the new ideas work as they are supposed to.


9 Oct 2010

Weekly update (week 40)

Well... once again I am late. This past week have been filled with school work for me. My mind totally blocked the website off. I also realized that I forgot to take pictures of Zombie Tea Party. Since Martin thinks that people don´t want to print 400+ cards, I have worked on different d100 tables that can be used instead but you still have to print out the item deck. Also I am working on the written rules, up until now the rules have been all in my head.

Martin have this week revisited one of his older ideas, a fantasy skirmish game. The party is supposed to be between 3 and 7 members and each member is detailed in the sense of equipment, skills and loyalty. I am helping him with it and we are at the moment working on getting the combat to work the way we want it to. Looking through different combat systems to see what we like.

Well until next week.

3 Oct 2010

Vector Launch 1,3 Pre-Release

The idea for Vector Launch came to me when I was looking at sci-fi shows that takes place in space. I had this idea of small fighters that fly through space backwards or making strafing runs at larger targets. I wanted guns to be the main weapon and missiles being secondary to make the game up close and personal.

The game is quick and easy. But takes some time getting used to do basic manouvres like turning in the beginning. But after a while the players will be able to do quite advanced manouvres. And dont be discouraged if you die. Because if you do, you just respawn the next turn and is sent out to hunt for revenge.

This is a Pre-Release. The rules are all there, but I dont have any examples. If you have any questions, you are free to contact me and I will add any questions to the real release later.

You can find the .zip file with the ships and rules here.

1 Oct 2010

Weekly update (week 39)

Hi once again. Time for that update about what we have been doing. Since the first playtest of Assault (the work-name for my SAS inspired game) I have made some quite dramatic changes. Also, such things as explosives and flashbangs turned out to be much more popular than expected, so I had to go over those one more time to get some good and easy rules for that. And I discussed with another gamer who also like Battlefronts Flames of War about writing a skirmish game for those spare models you always end up with. We had a good discussion about how to make such a game and I'll see if I can try some ideas soon. Additionally, I really want to make a post with Vector Launch, my dogfighting game with spaceships, so I'm preparing a pre-release the coming weekend. Keep an eye out. Even if it might not have any examples or illustrating pictures, it is still playable. If you feel like helping me with it, please read the rules and tell me where you'd like an example or illustrating picture.

Johan than, he brought his Zombie Teaparty for a first playtest with individual characters and special missions for everyone. It went quite well but I feel sorry for dr Ivan Sokolov. So far he is not the double-edged sword he will be later. Personally I enjoyed crushing zombies with my car. But in general, the objectives did their job well, they made the players spread out and hunt for their objectives and leave the rest of the group. And never being more than one turn away from being swamped by zombies made everyone try to find the best way to cooperate. All in all, a big success (even if all players survived in the end).

Oh, and by the way, me and Johan have a small bet about who will make the first comment on the blog.

Well, see you next week