28 Nov 2010

Weekly update (week 47)

Very late with the update today...

Maybe because there is not much to say. We have not had time to do very much due to school and planning other real world activities. I did however have a small discussion with my partner for the WW2 skirmish game and yesterday he came up with a name. It is now called "Do or Die". The discussion was mainly about morale and injured models. Two areas that required extra work after the last playtest.

Not much but atleast it's something.

Until next week then, but dont expect an update in time because we will not be in the country by then.


19 Nov 2010

Weekly update (week 46)

Hello, time for another update.
This week we have both bin occupied by other activities so no real progress on our projects. Although I had a play test of Planetside with one of my good friends last weekend. Some work is still needed to be done to make the point system balanced, and that can only be archived by play testing different armies against each other. This Sunday we will have another check on the the game balance.

Until next week

13 Nov 2010

Weekly update (week 45)

My turn to be late for once.

This last week have been quite uneventful for both of us. We have done a little work on our current projects (WW2 skirmish game for me and Planetside for Johan) and are ready for our next set of playtesting. Unfortunately, real life have interfered this week and we have not been able to start it.

Oh well, what are you gonna do? Wait a while and try to get forward later I guess.

Have a nice day

5 Nov 2010

Weekly update (week 44)

Yet another uninteresting week, myself I had a test today and that was the only thing on my mind. The only thing I managed to do is work on army lists to Planetside and trying to break the point system. Hopefully I will have a play test this weekend with a friend.

Also Martin have had little work done, he have been sick. He have managed to rewrite the rules to his skirmish game to work with a d10. He is also working on getting all the different suggestions written down.

Until next week.