26 Feb 2011

Weekly update (week 8)

Time again for a fast update.

The work for Arcane Arena have gone smoothly, and 45% finished before the first test. I have decided upon the size of the board, only the test will prove if the board is to large or to small.
Martin on the other hand have decided upon how he want his latest game to run, now it is only up to find out if it works that way in the real word.

That is all I have for now.

19 Feb 2011

Weekly Update (Week 7)

Hello again. Time for a quick update.

Johan have kept working on his card-miniature crossover game and is now calling it Arcane Arena. I really like that you will be able to combine spells to create a doomsday spell when playing. Just imagine combining a spell to create a pool of water on the table with a chill-spell. Instant ice! Just a couple of dozens of cards to be written so he can do a first test.

Myself? I havent done very much. But I am revisiting an old idea again. This time it is a modern miniature game (although I'm going to test it with pieces of paper). The idea is that one unit will be a company. One base with models will be a platoon. And the challenge in the game will not be to create the ultimate army of doom! No, I want the challenge to be that you should give the correct orders to your companies. I'm taking some inspiration from the game I witnessed that one of our readers are writing. He have a good idea, so I'll borrow some parts of it. Hope you dont mind...

Until next week.

12 Feb 2011

Weekly update (week 6)

First off we would like to apologise for the lack of update last week.
But the work goes forward with my card/miniature game 35% done until the pre alfa testing begins.
Martin have been very busy with school lately and therefore the production on his side have bin put on ice.

Have a nice time untill next update