28 Jan 2011

Weekly update (week 4)

Well... another week is coming to an end and time for a update.
This week is yet another slow one. Some slow work have bin done on my card/miniature game. I am working on how I want the mechanic to work.
So, until next time.


23 Jan 2011

Weekly Update (Week 3)

Hello again, Sorry for the downtime. Neither of us are very good at remembering this but we try our best.

Well, I haven't had much time to think about new games but I still have some things to say. I brought Vector Launch to the store to play yesterday and tell people to come visit me on GothCon. I hope they will as that would really make my day. I also talked to one of the two new pilots about a game he wrote himself and I would really like to try it. It sounded just like the chaos and fun I was looking for in a squad based wargame. Hopefully he'll let me do that soon.

Johan have taken up his project about the miniature/cardgame duel again. He's still a long way from getting a varied game but is closing in on hopefully trying a small test soon. And by soon I mean probably in another month. We both have other things to do too...

Have fun