23 Aug 2010

Lords & Soldiers v0.1

So, since Johan started this blog and gave you Starships, I'll give you my first game on this page.

I present to you, Lords & Soldiers v0,1. A hex based strategy game where you first build your own armylist, then take it to the field in order to outsmart your opponent. Plan your attack and scout your opponents force while you try to prevent your enemy to scout your own. Then hit him hard and break his battle line and see his units flee the field.

With hidden units you only see what type of unit your opponent have, Infantry, Cavalry, Monster or Warmachine. Unless you have scouted them properly you will not find any weak spots until it is too late.

What you need to play is not much. A hexagon map, some paper to make markers and three six sided dice. Not to mention a friend to play against. The rules are simple to learn and well worth a try.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and try it. Please leave a comment but keep in mind that this is only version 0,1. Much is still open for discussion and much will be added. Currently I'm thinking about adding more character specific special rules such as magic and dirty tricks.

Download here!


21 Aug 2010

Starships v. 0.2

Hello, the first post will be about a game we started creating earlier this year. Starships, originaly the title was Battleships but I just recently changed it to Starships since it is about great battles in outer space. Starships is the first game in the Paraverse series, later I will post about the second game, Planetside.

Starships is all about giant spaceships battling in outer space, Much of the gameplay circles around anticipating the enemies moves and avoid their fire by manoeuvring out of their aim. What you need beside the rules are a gameboard divided into hexes and some ships. You want the ships to cover a number of hexes to make the game interesting. You will also need some d6, preferably in different colours and sizes.

Mind this is version 0.2, allot of the game will undergo changes before it reaches version 1.0. But please try it out and leave feedback.