25 Sep 2010

Weekly update (week 38)

I am terribly sorry. I totaly forgot the update yesterday.

This Sunday I will test Zombie Tea Party once again, this time I will take some pictures to show you all. take in mind there is some work to be done in the final presentation. After this play test I will write the basic rules down and give it to you to try yourself. All other games have been on the back burner right now because of the play test. But next week I will start working on my card game/miniature game crossover.

Having a slow week nothing have really been done on Martins projects. His squad based SAS inspired game had some modifications made to it after the play test. If your asking me it was way to easy for the "good guys". the largest setback was when one of our own got caught in a flashbang. I look forward to testing it again.

Happy gaming

17 Sep 2010

Weekly update (week 37)

Hi again

I have a confession to make. I've been a bit lazy this last week when it comes to this page. But I have good reason to as I'm trying to finish school. So this week it have mostly been about thinking of what I want to do and not so much actually writing or playing. What I really want to do though, is to find someone who can help me build a metal screen to use for Vector Launch to make it easier to play.

Johan though, he have been busy. He's planning a new playtest of Zombie Teaparty with new missions and characters. It is closing on something to get published. And he have totally redone the points for Planetside and should close in on a second grand playtest. And the new layout of calculating the cost of a model is now much simpler which is always a good thing if you ask me. And to top it off, he mentioned an idea that he have had for a while now. A combination of miniature game and card game. Imagine a Magic TG duel but where you also keep track on where you and your minions are. Could be great fun if he manages to pull it off.

Thats it for now.

10 Sep 2010

Weekly update (week 36)

This past week was really slow on the games front, myself I continued the work on Zombie tea party. Hopefully it wont take long untill the next gametest and after that, a post on the page. Working on the written rules and some extra flavour to spice up the gameplay.
Planetsides first test-game made me realize that the point system needs a lot of extra work. Will work on that some more.

Martin is almost finished with the document to Vector Launch, the only thing missing now is some pictures. (dang! need to work on those) We can expect the rules coming soon.
He also made some calculations on his next SAS-inpired game to see if it can work the way he want it to.
For those interested Martin will bring Vector Launch to Gothcon in Gothenburg, one of Sweden's largest gaming conventions. The convention is scheduled for easter and the game will be drop-in, that means anyone can join the game at any time .

Well, I think that is all for this week.

3 Sep 2010

Weekly update (week 35)

Since it takes more than one week for us to write a game (believe it or not) we'll start a weekly update telling you what we are working on. If something sounds very interesting, please let us know and it might get a bit of extra attention. Also, these updates is a way for you to know in advance what might come.

I'm currently working to get a release document of my best game so far (probably) Vector Launch. It will probably take a few weeks as I'm quite serious about getting it to look good and have understandable rules. But I also had a new idea recently that I would like to explore. A Terrorist vs Counterterrorist building assault game. I must be honest and say that I got the idea from reading Chris Ryan (who writes about SAS). I get a lot of ideas from reading... There is one I got last night but I'm not quite sure of how I want it to work just yet... It will probably end up in nothing.

Johan is working on his zombie-apocalypse game, Zombie Teaparty - How British can a zombie apocalypse be? (I think that was the full name). It is quite fun actually and the system works well. Currently he's working on objectives or achievements to make the game a bit more stressful. Oh, and he is also working on the first "boss"-zombie. And this week we playtested for the first time his idea for Paraverse-Planetside. The miniature game in the same universe as his Battleships game. This game is in what we call Alpha-Alpha-1 stage. That means that as we play we make up half of the rules as we go along. It will probably take a while before it turns up on this page.

In addition, I'm happy to see that the first non-Swedish visitors have found their way here. And it only took one week. Could have something to do with the link I have in my signature on Battlefronts forum but you'll never know. Anyways, Welcome! I hope you come back.