6 Mar 2011

Weekly Update (Week 9)

Hello. I almost forgot about the update. Almost... but I didn't.

These last two weeks I've been looking into the WW2 skirmish game in 15mm that I and a friend started a while back. What I've been focusing on is making it simpler and I've come up with a key change. Instead of making it a 1vs1 game I'm thinking of making it a coop game where 2-3 players each control a squad against a gamemaster. I'm toying with the idea of the gamemaster rolling on a table before the game to see what resources he'll have. In secret ofcourse. So the players may know that if he rolls a 10, he gets a tank and that he gets 10 rolls on the table. So there might be no tanks, and there might be 10! Then add machineguns, snipers mortar-barrages and the like and you'll have to be careful when moving around the next corner.

Johan is still working on his card game. He's a bit busy in school, but the work is continuing.

If you have any comments or think that something sounds fun, please tell us! We'll listen to what you'll have to say and if you show some interest, then we are more inclined to work on that.

Until next week

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