19 Mar 2011

Weekly Update (Week 11)

Back again!

These last twoo weeks have been busy. Mainly by looking for a job (Want to hire me? Just kidding...) but also because I wanted to write an introduction scenario for the skirmish game me and a friend started at a few weeks ago. With my recent changes that is... Changes I did without asking him... hi hi hi... dont tell anyone... But why an introduction scenario? Well I figured that I need to introduce myself to it. The scenario I wrote is for a platoon of American riflemen to scout a table full of forests. The mission: Scout all four corners of the table. The opposition: mainly German riflemen, but the occational machinegun and foxhole to stumble upon. Now I just need some players to test it on...

Johan in the meantime is continuing the work on his current project. Hopefully he wont run out of ideas before he gets the 100 different cards he want for the first playtest. Will probably be quite fun to see how people react to it.

So, until next time, Have a nice day

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